Justicia pectoralis Jacq (eng)

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Nota de alcance

Medicinally, the plant is used as a tranquilizer, pectoral, astringent, vulnerary, antihaemorhagic, antibacterial, antirheumatic for gout and rheumatism, dysmenorrhoea, skin rashes, and as a curative of the liver.
The exctracted coumarin has antiinflamatory and cicatrizing properties; Umbelliferone and swertesine have sedative and relaxing properties on the smooth muscular system


Whole plant: Decoction for upset stomach and as an external bath for a febrifuge; tea for influenza, fever, whooping cough, fits; antiemetic; infusion for headache caused by blows to the head. Used in treatment of hemorrhage and whooping cough in NW Guyana
Leaf: Macerated for a vulnerary; applied externally for haematoma. Used in a pectoral tea or eaten in a toffee for coughs and colds. Infusion as a hairwash for hair loss.
Part unspecified: Bechic; infusion for a calmative.

Chemical Constituents: Plant contains coumarim and umbelliferone

Nota bibliográfica

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Justicia pectoralis Jacq (eng)
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