Bauhinia cumanensis H. B. K.

Nota de alcance (en)

Ethnobotanical and general use

Leaves and bark are used as a vulnerary and against dandruff. A 5 o/o decoction in water is prepared. Pieces of the plant in a decoction, taken 3 times a day, have a purifying effect. To cure straining at stool and dysentery 3 spoonful of honey of roses are added to the decoction. For haemorrhage, leaves of Plantago are added to the decoction. The plant is used as an astringent, antipyretic and for venereal diseases, against diarrhoea, diabetes,blenorrhagia, headache, snake bites, rhinitis, dermal ulcer and kidney ailments. The seeds are said to be diuretic. There are several other species which show similar effects, e.g. B. manca STANDL, used in cases of rheumatism, debility and for parasites.

Chemical contents

The hypoglycaemic effects are ascribed to the presence of lectins. Tannins and saponins are also found besides catechols, flavonoids, glycosides and alkaloids.

Nota bibliográfica (en)

South American medicinal plants : botany, remedial properties, and general use / I. Roth, H. Lindorf. Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2002. -- p. 492.

Bauhinia cumanensis H. B. K.
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