Goupia glabra AUBL.

Nota de alcance (en)

Source of goupi wood. Leaves to dye skin and hair; for the eyes to treat cataracts. ROTH studied the bark structure 1981, leaf structure 1984, fruit structure and dispersal 1987.


Bark: Bark is used for soothing a toothache, by Amerindians at Kurupukari, Guyana. It is used for toothache and to treat chickenpox and eczema in NW Guyana.

Stem: Juice from fresh inner bark is applied to cotton wool and inserted in an aching tooth cavity as an excellent dental analgesic. Bark decoction drunk for malaria. Cold water infusion of bark is drunk for a vermifuge. Sap of inner bark drunk as vermifuge.

Leaf: Decoction used as a wash to treat headache and fever. In French Guiana, leaves are used in an astringent decoction to treat syphilis.

Nota bibliográfica (en)

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Goupia glabra AUBL.
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