Cordia curassavica (Jacq.) R & S

Nota de alcance (en)

Leaf: bad belly, colds, cough, fever, headache, parasites, pressure, leaves boiled, water used to bathe and reduce fever/BDGS


Stem and Leaf: Infusion for a stomachic, sudorific, to treat hypertension, biliousness, diarrhoea and colds.

Stem: Chewed to clean the teeth and destroy bad breath.

Leaf: Dried and boiled in a liquid drunk to control heavy menstrual flow. Macerated leaves used externally as dandruff treatment. Leaf employed in Surinam to remedy gonorrhoea. Boiled in a tea for a coolant; in a bath for fever. Infusion of young leaves for grippe, and as an aromatic, pectoral and stimulant. Leaves crushed and rubbed on the skin to prevent mosquito bites. Leaves used by Surinam Saramaccan Bush Negroes in curative herbal bath. Boiled infusion of sun-dried leaves is employed Medicinal Plants of the Guianas (Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana) 58 for a gonorrhoea remedy in Surinam. Juice of finely crushed leaves is used for alleviating monthly stomach pains (menstrual cramps).

Nota bibliográfica (en)

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Cordia curassavica (Jacq.) R & S
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