Senna alata (L.) Roxb.

Nota de alcance (en)

Flower, leaf, root: aire, clean the blood, fever, liver, kidneys, pressure, purge, skin disease, used "to cool the inside" or "clean out the inside'

Root: Infusion for tympanitis. Cooked in water for uterus problems and filaria worm expulsion. In NW Guyana, used for diarrhea, bete rouge, as laxative, and for sores and skin fungi.

Flower: Used as laxative and for worms in NW Guyana.

Leaf, Flower and Fruit: Mixed in an infusion for stomach problems.

Leaf: Infusion for a laxative tea and to cleanse the blood. In a tincture for skin blemishes and ringworm. Finely ground and used alone or mixed with oil to treat various skin conditions, such as tetter, scurf, scaling skin, ulcers, eczema, ringworm, dermatitis; decoction as an externally applied febrifuge; decocted with or without Tripogandra serrulata and Persea americana for biliousness and hypertension. Decocted with egg white and "casareep" for pneumonia, colds and fever.

Flower: Decoction for a vermifuge; decoction with Zingiber officinale for grippe; decocted with coconut milk for a laxative; infusion for remedying spleen conditions.

Flower Toxicity: as an abortifacient

Seed: Cooked and used as a laxative anthelmintic remedy for intestinal worms.

Range. Tropical America; now pantropical. Widely distributed in Myanmar.


Leaf: Powder can be mixed with honey and licked to promote weight gain and increase strength and vitality. Skin disorders such as scabies, ringworm and ec­zema can be cured by rubbing them with the leaves twice a day over a period of time. Crushed and applied as a poultice over the bite to poisonous or venomous animals to neutralize the poison. Crushed and squeezed juice of leaves applied to visible symptoms of venereal disease. Boiled down to make a strong potion which when kept in the mouth while warm cures gum boils and inflammation of the gums. Mixed with mu-yar-gyi (Adhatoda vasica = Justicia adhatoda) leaves, chewed and kept in the mouth or the juice swallowed to cure dry coughs. Crushed with lime juice and applied to cure eczema. Pounded, mixed with the juice of neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves, and applied to cure ringworm and leprosy. Drinking the liquid obtained from boiling the buds and the leaves will cure inflammation of the breathing pas­sages and asthma, cause loose bowels, encourage urination and discharge of mucus in the stool).

Flower: Crushed fine and applied as a rub to cure skin diseases.

Seed: Astringent, can cure itching, coughs, asthma, ringworm, skin disorders, kills disease causing germs, promote good urination and cure leprosy.

Root: Made into a paste, mixed with boric acid powder and hpan-kar (Terminalia chebula) fruit powder and applied to cure ringworm.

Nota bibliográfica (en)

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Senna alata (L.) Roxb.
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