Andira inermis (Wright) H.B.K.

Nota de alcance (en)

Leaf, leaves boiled: tea drunk for worms, parasites, leaves can only be used when there are no flowers on the tree; when blossoming, leaves are poisonous


Stem: Decoction of bark for a powerful anthelmintic, purgative; inner bark scraped and used to treat snakebite.
Stem toxicity: narcotic.

Seed: Bitter, emetic, used as a vermifuge in French Guiana.

Fruit toxicity: Fruit is poisonous

Nota bibliográfica (en)

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2) Robertt, A., et al.. Medicinal Plants of the Guianas (Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana)/Smithsonian NMNH. cited online: 17-08-2017

Andira inermis (Wright) H.B.K.
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