Musa x paradisiaca L.

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Stomach pain


Uses: chickenpox, intestinal infection.                                                 

Origin: Belize, China,Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Gabon, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Unites States.             


Root: Juice employed to treat carbuncles, swellings, fevers and as a hair tonic.

Stem: Pulp of the trunk made into an infusion to soothe dysentery; liquid collected at a cut stem is an antiseptic applied to furuncles and wounds by the French Guiana Wayapi; stem used as a seat upon which a pregnant Wayapi woman gives birth.

Leaf: Infusion of banana leaf and sugarcane roots used in Surinam to hasten childbirth. For a vesicatory on blistering. Tied onto forehead for headache.

Fruit: Roasted green (unripe) fruit eaten for diarrhoea remedy. Grated green fruit in water used for chronic diarrhoea. Green fruit and its sap are astringent; sap haemostatic. Fruit used to treat epilepsy in NW Guyana.

Nota bibliográfica (en)

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Musa x paradisiaca L.
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