Citrus aurantiifolia (Christ) Swingle

Nota de alcance (en)

Fruit, leaf, root: belly pain, childbirth, colds, cough, diarrhea, fever, headache, itching, kidney, nerves, parasites, purge, vomiting, weakness


Root: Decoction for an anthelmintic,and for treating venereal disease. Used for treatment of hemorrhage and for venereal disease in NW Guyana.
Root toxicity: abortive

Leaves are boiled and the water used as a medication for colds, by the Guyana Patamona

Fruit: In Guyana, the juice is taken with salt to treat diarrhea. In Guyana, juice is used to treat "viccis", a fever that leads to a desire to sleep and uncontrollably relaxed digestive muscles. Lime juice is drunk to prevent dysentery, and used for cleansing wounds. In Surinam, juice is mixed with oil and rubbed on the stomach to relieve sagging muscles of the sexual organs. Juice from the fruit is mixed with a pinch of salt and drunk for chest colds and fever, by the Guyana Patamona. Juice from the fruit is mixed with grated garlic and some water and drunk for snakebite, by the Guyana Patamona. Juice from the fruit is used for making a tonic, by the Guyana Patamona.

Nota de alcance

Anticatarral, antipirético, antiespasmódico: Hojas, cáscara del fruto

Nota bibliográfica (en)

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Citrus aurantiifolia (Christ) Swingle
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