Plumeria alba L.

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Root: Bark is purgative, thirst-causing, depurative; for blennorrhagia. Bark extract for herpes; used internally for syphilis and externally as a lotion on syphilitic ulcers. Administered as powder macerated in sugar-water, wine or beer.

Stem: Latex is caustic, for treating ulcers, dartre (skin diseases) and scabies.

Flower: Bitter, caustic. In French Guiana the flowers are an ingredient in a complex pectoral syrup for chest coughs and grippe.

Seed: For dysentery (bloody flux).



Native to West Indies; cultivated in Indian gardens.


Root bark—used in blennorrhagia.

Bark and latex—used externally in herpes, syphilitic ulcers and scabies.


Nota bibliográfica (en)

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Plumeria alba L.
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