Clathrotropis macrocarpa Ducke

Nota de alcance (en)

Toxicity of Whole plant: Plant is used as a poison by the Guyana Patamona.

Bark: Juice from macerated inner bark is used as an antipruritic or as a medicament for “bush-yaws”, by the Guyana Patamona. Bark is boiled, and the water used as an anti-fungal or for treating athlete’s foot, by the Guyana Patamona. Inner bark is scraped, mixed with warm water and used for washing persistent sores, by the Guyana Patamona.

Nota bibliográfica (en)

Robertt, A., et al.. Medicinal Plants of the Guianas (Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana)/Smithsonian NMNH. cited online: 17-08-2017

Clathrotropis macrocarpa Ducke
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