Maranta arundinacea L.

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Antidiarreico: Rizomas

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Tuber: Ground tuber yields farina for a cataplasm and to calm upset stomach. Roasted as a treatment for intermittent fever in Guyana and French Guiana. In a paste ingested to control diarrhoea. Tuber or rhizome yields arrowroot meal, a nourishing, easily digestible food which is also used by Surinam Amerindians as a baby-powder.


Range. Tropical America; now pantropic in distribution. Cultivated in Myanmar.

Stem: Rhizome used as a rubefacient; yields arrowroot.


Native to tropical America; cultivated throughout the country for its edible starch.


Nutritive, demulcent (especially for infants and convalescence). Used as a dietary aid in acute diarrhoea and gastroenteritis. Used as a substitute for Bamboo-manna.

Nota bibliográfica (en)

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Maranta arundinacea L.
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