Aframomum melegueta (Roscoe) K. Schum.

Nota de alcance (en)

Whole plant: Macerated in a decoction used to treat menstrual pain. Macerated with Justicia secunda in a decoction used as a laxative and a general medicine.

Leaf: Expressed juice is used to treat scrofula in Surinam.

Seed: In Surinam, used as a medicine for head colds and rheumatism. Seeds, usually preserved in brandy, are chewed to treat grippe and slight abdominal pains. Pulverised seeds used in an enema for constipation pains, and mixed with mustard oil in an ointment for arthritis pains. Decoction for constipation, menstrual pain. Pulverised with seeds of Piper nigrum and coconut oil for an ointment used to treat general swelling and pains. Seeds boiled with Zingiber officinale and used to treat colds and fever. Crushed in citron juice and employed for glandular problems. Used to treat coughs and colds, epilepsy, sore throats, stomacheaches, gas, and for pain in NW Guyana.


Native to tropical Africa; cultivated in Indian gardens.

Roots possess cardamomliketasteandaregivenasadecoction for constipation; also as a vermifuge for tapeworms. Juice of young
Whole plant-----A decoction of the whole plant is taken internally as a

Nota bibliográfica (en)

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Aframomum melegueta (Roscoe) K. Schum.
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