Erythrina crista-galli L.

Nota de alcance

PARTE UTILIZADA= Used part: Corteza y flor.

ACCION FARMACOLOGICA= Pharmacological action: Lenitivo, (calma dolores musculares y nerviosos), hipnótica. COMPOSICIÓN QUÍMICA: Chemicals ALKALOIDS Seed 24,000 - 45,300 ppm DUKE1992A ; ARACHIDIC-ACID Seed 5,345 ppm; DUKE1992A ; BETA-ERYTHROIDINE Seed: DUKE1992A ; CRISTADINE Plant: DUKE1992A ; CRISTAMIDINE Plant: DUKE1992A CYANIDIN-3-GLUCOSIDE Plant: DUKE1992A ; CYANIDIN-3-SOPHOROSIDE Plant: DUKE1992A ; EICOSENOIC-ACID Seed 15,000 ppm; DUKE1992A ; ERYCRISTAGALLIN Plant: DUKE1992A ; ERYSODINE Seed: DUKE1992A ; ERYSONINE Seed: DUKE1992A ; ERYSOPINE Seed: DUKE1992A ; ERYSOTHIOPINE Seed: DUKE1992A ; ERYSOTHIOVINE Seed: DUKE1992A ; ERYSOVINE Seed: DUKE1992A ; ERYTHRALINE Seed: DUKE1992A ; ERYTHRAMINE Seed: DUKE1992A ; ERYTHRATINE Seed: DUKE1992A ; ERYTHRATINONE Seed: DUKE1992A ; FAT Seed 167,000 ppm; DUKE1992A ; GENISTEIN Bark: JLI ; HYPAPHORINE Seed 21,000 - 29,000 ppm DUKE1992A ; LINOLEIC-ACID Seed 31,560 ppm; DUKE1992A ; MYRISTIC-ACID Seed 3,175 ppm; DUKE1992A ; OLEIC-ACID Seed 85,000 ppm; DUKE1992A ; PALMITIC-ACID Seed 19,000 ppm; DUKE1992A ; PELARGONIDIN-3-GLUCOSIDE Plant: DUKE1992A ; PELARGONIDIN-3-SOPHOROSIDE Plant: DUKE1992A ; PROTEIN Seed 303,000 ppm; DUKE1992A ; STEARIC-ACID Seed 6,500 ppm; DUKE1992A ; ppm = parts per million tr = trace

ZONA GEOGRAFICA= Geografical zone: Brasil, Argentina y Uruguay. 

Nota de alcance (en)

Seibo (Erytrina crista galli – Leguminoseae), also known by the English common name of coral tree, is a widely recognized tree in the Plate River region, mostly due to the fact that its flowers have been declared a national symbol to Argentina and Uruguay. The presence of curare-like alkaloids in the seeds has been determined long time ago, thus making them toxic to man. However, interesting results have been obtained for the extracts of the leaves on the central nervous system and as an anti-inflammatory, validating to some extent the medicinal uses claimed for this plant. However, further studies are needed in order to confirm these pharmacological properties.

Nota bibliográfica

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Erythrina crista-galli L.
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