Levisticum officinalis

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This tall perennial plant has been used for digestive complaints such as flatulence, colic, and indigestion. Commission E approves lovage for use in urinary tract problems because of its antibacterial and diuretic properties. In America in the South, lovage was also known as “angelico” and was prized by African-Americans as an aphrodisiac, a tonic, and a good-luck charm. Another folk name for this angelico was “boarhog root,” reportedly because is smelled like a wet hog. Lovage (angelico) somewhat resembles true angelica but is in a different Genus. Lovage reportedly promotes menstruation and relieves menstrual pain. It should not be taken in pregnancy.
should not be taken in pregnancy.

Part used::
Leaves, Seeds, Roots

Mediterranean, America

Nota bibliográfica (en)

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Levisticum officinalis
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