Cercis canadensis

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Redbud trees grow wild in southern Indiana woodlands and are a popular landscape plant because of their small size and beautiful reddish-purple flowers in early spring - flowers that were eaten fresh or pickled by Indians. The inner bark of the redbud tree was used to make an astringent tea for the treatment of dysentery and other diarrheas, and this use was promoted by the Eclectic physicians. Redbud also was a folk remedy for leukemia. No modern research indicating medicinal qualities of redbud was found. The redbud trees in the garden show the characteristic heart shaped leaves of this plant.

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Hull, Kathleen; Photog. Hull, Meredith /Indiana Medical History Museum: Guide to the Medicinal Plant Garden./ USA: Indiana Medical History Museum. 2010. -- p. 58.

Cercis canadensis
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