Yucca filamentosa

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Common names for this plant include Adam’s needle, Spanish bayonet, Amole, Soapweed, and the Joshua tree. The plant leaves and root were used in poultices and baths to relief inflammation and sprains as well as various skin lesions. The root is rich in saponins, and Native Americans used yucca root as soap and as a shampoo to make hair clean and strong and to cure scalp conditions. Navajo and Hopi Indians used yucca ceremonially for its “magical” power to cleanse and purify. Indians also used the leaves and seed pods as dyes. Yucca also is used in beverages to cause foam (as in root beer). Saponin compounds from Yucca filamentosa are being investigated as treatment for the parasitic disease leishmaniasis, and they are also studied for use in arthritis.

Part used::
Leaves, Roots


Nota bibliográfica (en)

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Yucca filamentosa
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