Holarrhena pubescens Wall. ex G.Don.

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Range. Tropical Africa and in Southeast Asia, from Pakistan to Malaysia.

Bark: Used in stopping the bleeding related to internal piles. The paste  of the bitter bark made with the liquid from yogurt can be taken to treat gall stones. Powered bark stirred into water can cure fever. Boil bark with a small amount of salt and shein-kho (Gardenia resinifera) to treat stomach pains. Crushed bark with milk will cure pain in passing urine and retention of urine. To cure earaches and ear infections, a small amount of powdered bark can be tipped into the ear followed by liquid drop­pings from crushed or squeezed leaves. Roasted powdered bark taken with honey and butter can cure muscle pains, knotted muscles, dysentery, and cholera.

Root: A paste made with hot water can be taken twice a day to cure bloated or distended stomach. A paste made with alcohol and taken with salt can cure blood in the stool associated with smallpox. For sore throat associated with smallpox, the root must be crushed with salt and kept in the mouth. The powder of root and zawet-thar (Dillenia indica) can be taken with milk to cure gall stones. A paste made with water and taken with a bit of eik-mwei (Embelia tsjeriam-cottam) fruit can act as a de-worming medicine.

Flower: Can facilitate digestion, and control flatulence, phlegm, bile, leprosy and infections.

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Holarrhena pubescens Wall. ex G.Don.
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