Sinapis alba L.

Nota de alcance (en)

Range. North Africa, Europe, Southwest and Central Asia; widely introduced. Cultivated in Myanmar.

Use. Hot and bitter in taste with heating properties, effective, aids digestion, calms the phlegm, cures vomiting of blood, passing of blood, leprosy, itching and rashes.

Seed: A paste made from mixing the seeds together with kunsar-gamone (Alpinia galan­ga) can be rubbed on to cure inflammation of the joints.

Oil: A small amount of the oil can be poured into the ear to cure earaches. Cook oil, the juice from mayoe (Calotropis procera) leaves, and some turmeric rhizome together and filter out the oil, which can then be rubbed on to cure skin diseases like ringworm, and itching. Cooking oil with menthol will produce a rub to use for children getting stomachaches, catching chest colds, and coughs and colds. The oil can be rubbed on directly to afflicted areas to cure enlarged spleen, cysts and tumors, edema, hemorrhoids, flatulence and shooting ab­dominal pains. Applying a small amount of the oil into the nostrils at bedtime will cure sinusitis. The oil can be applied on the nape of the neck to cure a stiff neck or across the bridge of the nose and along the brow line to cure aching eyes. An ointment can be made by mixing one part of mustard oil and one part of sesame oil with mountain goat or wild goat lard, which can be used to cure numbness, muscular spasms, and cramps.

Nota bibliográfica (en)

DeFilipps, Robert A.; Krupnick, Gary A. / PhytoKeys, v. 102. - - p. 1 - 314,  2018.

Sinapis alba L.
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