Piper longum L.

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Range. Himalayas (Nepal to Bhutan), India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. Grows nat­urally throughout Myanmar, but especially in the mountainous northern part of the country in the shade of large trees; also cultivated.

Fruit: Used as a digestive. Paste made with water used to cure a stiff neck; when applied to bites of venomous animals, it neutralizes the venom. Powder taken with hot water used in deworming and to relieve pain in the chest. Licking the pow­der mixed with honey reduces excessive passing of blood. Boiling the fruit pod with jaggery and ginger, and drinking the liquid reduces fever and eases aches and pains in cases of malaria, ague, and influenza. The pod is also chewed to relieve toothaches. Root: A small amount of root powder taken with warm water is used to relieve inflam-mation of the joints as well as backaches. The root is also used to aid digestion.

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DeFilipps, Robert A.; Krupnick, Gary A. / PhytoKeys, v. 102. - - p. 1 - 314,  2018.

Piper longum L.
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