Victoria cruziana D`Orb.

Nota de alcance

PARTE UTILIZADA= Used part: Flores.

ACCIÓN FARMACOLÓGICA= Pharmacological action: Refrigerante, anafrodisíaco (flores).

COMPOSICIÓN QUÍMICA= Chemical composition: Seeds of V. cruziana were manually sepd. into perisperm plus inner integument and external integument. The lipid (C6H14-extd.) contents of both parts were low (0.32 and 0.21%, resp., dry wt. basis). Gas-liq. chromatog. revealed that the major fatty acids were C16:0, C18:1, and C18:2. The sterol compn. of the lipid exts. consisted of campesterol, stigmasterol, and sitosterol as major components. Cholesterol and brassicasterol were minor components. Defatted meal from the perisperm plus inner integument fraction was rich in starch (84.9% dry wt.) with a significant content of amylose.

ZONA GEOGRÁFICA= Geografical zone: Brasil, Bolivia, Paraguay, NE de Argentina. 

Nota bibliográfica

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2) BERTONI, M. E.; CATTANEO, P. Studies on the chemical composition of "Irupe" seeds ( Victoria cruziana D'Orb.) (Nymphaeaceae). Anales de la Asociacion Quimica Argentina. 1979, vol.67, nº1, p.19-28.

Victoria cruziana D`Orb.
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