Geum chiloense Balb

Nota de alcance

PARTE UTILIZADA= Used part: Partes aéreas.

ACCIÓN FARMACOLÓGICA= Pharmacological action: Depurativo, emenagogo, diurético.

COMPOSICIÓN QUÍMICA= Chemical composition: The root essential oils of several members of the genera Geum, Waldsteinia and Coluria, together representing the subtribus Geinae, were analysed by GC-MS. The qualitative composition of these oils was relatively similar with eugenol and some pinane derivatives, e.g. myrtanals, myrtenal, myrtanols and myrtenol, as characteristic constituents. The oils differed considerably concerning the quantitative composition, e.g. two groups of Geum species could be observed, one with a high (>65%) and one with a low (<5%) content of eugenol. In the root oil of Waldsteinia ternata Fritsch, only traces of this phenylpropanoid were found. Headspace analysis of a root extract of W. geoides Willd. showed a high percentage of cinnamyl alcohol.

ZONA GEOGRAFICA= Geografical zone: S de Chile y Argentina. 

Nota bibliográfica

1) TOURSARKISSIAN, Martín. Plantas medicinales de Argentina : sus nombres botánicos, vulgares, usos y distribución geográfica. Buenos Aires : Hemisferio Sur,1980, p.110.

2) VOLLMANN, C.; Schultze, W. Composition of the root essential oils of several Geum species and related members of the subtribus Geinae (Rosaceae). Flavour and Fragrance Journal. 1995, vol.10, nº3, p.173.

Geum chiloense Balb
Término aceptado: 21-Nov-2007