Alvaradoa amorphoides Liebm.

Nota de alcance

PARTE UTILIZADA= Used part: Leño, corteza.

ACCION FARMACOLOGICA= Pharmacological action: Tónico, estomacal (leño), antipruriginoso (corteza).

COMPOSICIÓN QUÍMICA= Chemical composition: Oil from the seed of Alvaradoa amorphoides Liebm. (Simaroubaceae) collected in Mexico contains two acetylenic fatty acids previously unknown in seed oils, 15% of 17-octadecen-6-ynoic and a trace amount of 6-eicosynoic acid. The predominant fatty acid (58%) in the oil is 6-octadecynoic (tariric). Both the alpha6 and alpha9 series of hexadecenoic, octadecenoic, octadecadienoic, and octadecatrienoic acids were found, but only the A6 isomer of eicosenoic acid (1.4%) was detected. The mono- and dienoic acids make up about 19% of the total oil. The remainder consists mostly of saturated acids (6.3%). Techniques used in isolation and identification of the acids included thin layer and gas chromatography, IR, UV, NMR and mass spectroscopy, and ozonolysis coupled with gas chromatography.

ZONA GEOGRAFICA= Geografical zone: América hasta NO de Argentina.

Nota de alcance (en)

Tree 6.1 m, secondary forest, outskirts of San Andrés.

Uses: boil leaves in water with leaves of other species, bathe for skin rashes; boil leaves in water, bathe for head fever. Comerford 37, 30 Jun 1994.

Nota bibliográfica

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Alvaradoa amorphoides Liebm.
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