Salmalia malabarica (DC) Schott & Endl.

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The hotter parts of India, up to 1,350 m.


Young roots (Semulmusali)— astringent, (used for dysentery) stimulant, demulcent.

Fruits—stimulant, diuretic, expectorant. Used for chronic inflammation of bladder, kidney also for calculus affections.

Flowers— astringent and cooling, applied to cutaneous affections.

Leaves— anti-inflammatory.

Stem bark— demulcent, styptic. Aqueous extract with curd is given for blooddysentery.

Bark—paste is applied to skin eruptions, boils, acne, pimples. Seeds used for chickenpox, smallpox, catarrhal affections, chronic cystitis and genitourinary diseases.

Gum—astringent, demulcent, styptic. Used for diarrhoea, dysentery, haemoptysis, bleeding piles, menorrhagia, spermatorrhoea.

Root and pod—used for the treatment of low vitality and debility.

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Salmalia malabarica (DC) Schott & Endl.
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