Rauvolfia vomitoria Afzel.

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Folk medicinal uses

Root and stem bark - One tablespoonful of the root and stem bark infusion mixed with Capsicum spp. Taken 3 times daily cures malaria fever. Overdose is reported to be very dangerous. Root bark of R. vomitoria, ripe fruits of Piper guineense, seeds of Parkia clappertoniana (locust bean) are cooked with snail. The soup so prepared is taken as a cure for rheumatism.

Leaves - Three or four spoonfuls of the infusion (in hot water) of two or three leaves of R. vomitoria will induce vomiting and violent purgation as a treatment for constipation or indigestion (Dalziel, 1937). Leaves of R. vomitoria are boiled with seven fruits of Xylopia aethiopica to treat convulsions in children. The resulting solution is given to the child" to drink and for bathing. A decoction is applied externally to treat ascites. Sixty-one leaves of !. Vomitoria, sixty-one leaves of Spondia monbin and seven fruits of Xylopia aethiopica are boiled together, the decoction is then used for bathing the patient. To induce labour and safe delivery in women 201 leaves of R. vomitoria, leaves of Indigofera macrophylla, the whole plant of Olyra latifolia and leaves of Cajanus cajan are all boiled; the decoction when allowed to cool is drunk as a remedy against smallpox. Latex from the leaves is used to treat general skin disease (Lewis and Elvin-Lewis, 1977).

Root - An infusion of root bark mixed with spices cures jaundice and gastro-intestinal conditions. A tablespoonful of powdered root bark mixed with local gin is given three times daily as a cure for mental disorder.


Root and stem bark - Overdose is reported to be very dangerous.

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Rauvolfia vomitoria Afzel.
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