Feijoa sellowiana Berg.

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PARTE UTILIZADA= Used part: Hojas, corteza.

ACCION FARMACOLOGICA= Pharmacological action: Astringente, en la gastroenteritis y el cólera infantil.

COMPOSICIÓN QUÍMICA= Chemical composition: Chemicals ASCORBIC-ACID Fruit 280 - 1,750 ppm JFM ; ASH Fruit 5,000 - 31,250 ppm JFM ; CALCIUM Fruit 40 - 731 ppm CRC JFM ; CARBOHYDRATES Fruit 1,000,000 - 625,000 ppm JFM ; FAT Fruit 2,000 - 12,500 ppm JFM ; IODIDES Fruit 1.6 - 3.9 ppm JFM ; IRON Fruit 0.5 - 3 ppm JFM ; MAGNESIUM Fruit 80 - 500 ppm JFM ; PHOSPHORUS Fruit 100 - 625 ppm JFM ; POTASIUM Fruit 1,660 - 10,375 ppm JFM ; PROTEIN Fruit 9,000 - 56,250 ppm JFM ; SODIUM Fruit 50 - 310 ppm JFM ; SUGAR Fruit 60,000 - 375,000 ppm JFM ; WATER Fruit 792,000 - 840,000 ppm CRC JFM ; ppm = parts per million tr = trace

ZONA GEOGRAFICA= Geografical zone: Uruguay. 

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DIVERSIDAD GENÉTICA Y MEJORAMIENTO DE PLANTAS MEDICINALES= Medicinal plants and improvement of medicinal herbs:

The pineapple guava (Acca sellowiana), known in portuguese as the goiabeira-serrana or "Feijoa", is a native fruit tree from southern Brazil and northern Uruguay that has commercial potential due to the quality and unique flavor of its fruits. Knowledge of genetic variability is an important tool in various steps of a breeding program, which can be facilitated by the use of molecular markers. The conservation of repeated sequences among related species permits the transferability of microsatellite markers from Eucalyptus spp. to A. sellowiana for testing. We used primers developed for Eucalyptus to characterize A. sellowiana accessions. Out of 404 primers tested, 180 amplified visible products and 38 were polymorphic. A total of 48 alleles were detected with ten Eucalyptus primer pairs against DNA from 119 A. sellowiana accessions. The mean expected heterozygosity among accessions was 0.64 and the mean observed heterozygosity 0.55. A high level of genetic diversity was also observed in the dendrogram, where the degree of genetic dissimilarity ranged from 0 to 65% among the 119 genotypes tested. This study demonstrates the possibility of transferring microsatellite markers between species of different genera in addition to evaluating the extent of genetic variability among plant accessions. Copyright by the Brazilian Society of Genetics.

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Khare, C.P./ Indian Medicinal Plants. -- Nueva Dheli: Springer, 2007 . - p. 836.

Feijoa sellowiana Berg.
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