Prunus cerasus L

Nota de alcance

PARTE UTILIZADA= Used part: Corteza, pedunculo de los frutos.

ACCIÓN FARMACOLÓGICA= Pharmacological action Astringente, para lavar heridas, llagas y herpes, como gargarismo descongestionante (corteza); digestiones y dolores de vientre (pedunculo de los frutos secados a la sombra).

COMPOSICIÓN QUÍMICA= Chemical composition: Pulp: The pulp of the Cherry contains up to 2 per cent of malic acid; up to 1 per cent of sucrose; about 9 per cent of invert sugar; 0,2 to 0,4 per cent of pectin; and small amounts of citric and tartaric acids. The kernel contains about 28 per cent of protein; 38 per cent of fixed oil; 0,8 per cent of amygdalin and emulsin. Sour cherries have been used in the preparation of syrup of cherry Cherry Juice: ... Cherry Juice contains not less than 1 per cent of malic acid and not less than 10 per cent of dry solids. It is practically free from arsenic and lead. For other standards, see the U.S. Pharmacopeia XV.

ZONA GEOGRÁFICA= Geografical zone: Uruguay. 

Nota de alcance (en)


Native of Eurasia; cultivated in Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Kumaon for edible fruits.


Fruit—diuretic, antiinflammatory. Used for genitourinary inflammations, cystitis and urine retention.

Bark—febrifuge, antidiarrhoeal.

Fruit stalk—diuretic.

Fruit stalk and stem—pectoral.

Bark and fruit stalk—astringent.


Leaf—an infusion is given for convulsions in children.

Nota bibliográfica

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Prunus cerasus L
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