Espeletia schultzii Weddell.

Nota de alcance

PARTE UTILIZADA= Used part: Hoja.

ACCIÓN FARMACOLÓGICA= Pharmacological action: Dolor de oído, reuma, afecciones renales, y asma.

ZONA GEOGRÁFICA= Geografical zone: Venezuela.

Nota de alcance (en)

The common name 'frailej6n de octubre' indicates october as the main flowering period.

Ethnobotanical and general use
Small pieces of the leaf are put into the ear to soothe ear ache. An infusion of the leaves is applied to alleviate rheumatism and renal diseases. A decoction or a cataplasm of the leaves is used against asthma and pulmonary conditions. Resin diluted in water taken as a syrup is also used for asthma and pulmonary diseases. Butter and cheese are wrapped with the leaves of Espeletia to give them a special aroma and to preserve them due to the resinous content (ROTH 1995).

Nota bibliográfica

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Espeletia schultzii Weddell.
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