Datura stramonium L.

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Range. Native of Mexico; now pantropical. Cultivated in Myanmar.

Leaf: Used as a sedative and antiasthmatic. Liquid from crushed leaves taken with skimmed milk will cure gonorrhea. Crushed leaves mixed with turmeric powder can be used as a poultice to cure breast inflammation or boils in the breasts of women. Sun-dried leaves are incorporated into a smoking cheroot to treat asthma. Roasted and applied to cure inflammation of the joints and aching of bones.

Seed: Used in the treatment of gonorrhea and dyspepsia. Crushed, ground, and pressed onto the gum to cure toothaches. Seed powder is soaked in sesamum oil for seven days; oil is applied and covered with a thin bandage to cure headaches, aching eyes, backache, leg and foot problems; oil is brushed onto the suprapubic region for menstrual cramps and aches.

Root: To cure a patient with rabies, a root paste is given orally followed by eating dried roasted beef.

Seed and Root: Used as a tonic to increase virility.

Nota bibliográfica (en)

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Datura stramonium L.
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